We service Apple, Samsung and Android OS mobile devices.

Regina's technology rescue, repair and recovery centre.

Common screen prices: 
IPhone 6 $90.00IPhone 6s $105.00IPhone 6s+ $130.00, IPhone 7 $125.00IPhone 7+ $155.00, IPhone 8 $210.89, IPhone 8+ $238.64

Regina IPad Repair 


IPad Battery Replacement
IPad Screen Repair
IPad Glass Repair
IPad LCD Repair
IPad Charging Port Repair
IPad Camera Repair
IPad Home Button Repair
IPad Power Button Repair

Regina IPhone Repair 


IPhone Battery Replacement
IPhone Screen Repair
IPhone Glass Repair
IPad LCD Repair
IPhone Charging Port Repair
IPhone Camera Repair
IPhone Home Button Repair
IPhone Power Button Repair

Regina Samsung and Android Phone Repair 


Samsung/Android Phone Battery
 Samsung/Android Phone Screen
Samsung/Android Phone Glass
Samsung/Android Phone LCD
Samsung/Android Phone Charging Port
Samsung/Android Phone Camera
Samsung/Android Phone Home
Samsung/Android Phone Power

 Regina Samsung and Android Tablet Repair 


Samsung/Android Tablet Battery
Samsung/Android Tablet Screen
Samsung/Android Tablet Glass
Samsung/Android Tablet LCD
Samsung/Android Tablet Charging Port
Samsung/Android Tablet Camera
Samsung/Android Tablet Home Button
Samsung/Android Tablet Power Button