Onsite Technical Support

Regina's technology rescue, repair and recovery centre.

RescueTECH Regina store policies.

Minimum fee for service -

Not including pickup and delivery of service items, and unless otherwise stated, our minimum fee for all services is $40.00.  This includes system diagnostics, attempted data recovery services and liquid cleaning of items.

Service calls -

All service calls are billed at a minimum one hour call out.  Our billing rate for onsite service is $99/per hour. Billing starts once the tech leaves the shop door, and ends once the tech returns back to the RescueTECH office. Billing is in increments of a quarter hour after the first hour rounded up.

Use of Customer information, including credit card and email address -

RescueTECH collects customer information including name, phone number and email address.  This information is used to contact present and past customers for the purpose of providing information with regards to our services.  We do not collect or store credit card, banking or payment information. We do not share customer information with third parties.

Storage of client data -

From time to time we are required to saved client data, either at client request or done on a precautionary basis on behalf of the customer due to hardware and/or software failure and/or fault.  In the event that client data has been saved, unless otherwise explicitly specified by RescueTECH representatives, said data is automatically deleted from our storage system(s) after a period of 30 days. 

Warranty -

All new and refurbished goods covered by our in house 180 day repair or exchange warranty (after that manufacture where applicable).  This warranty applies to new and refurbished goods only. All services, including software services ie malware and virus cleanups, warrantied for 7 days.

Special order of parts and equipment -

In the event that we need to special order parts or equipment on behalf of a customer a prepayment  of 50% will be required before item(s) order(s) will be processed.  Payment can be made in person, or over the phone via credit card payment.

Definition of goods new, used, refurbished -

New - New goods, that have not been deployed in any working environment.  New goods may or may not include original packaging.  Goods may have been tested by RescueTECH staff prior to verify and ensure proper function.

Used - Goods that have been previously used in a working environment.  These goods may or may not include original packaging, been tested for proper function, wiped of data, or physically cleaned.  

Refurbished - Goods that have been previously used in a working environment.  These may or may not include original packaging.  Theses goods have been tested and/or examined to ensure proper function.  They have been wiped of data and physically cleaned.

Return Policy -

All goods must be returned in original condition within 7 days for refund, all returned items subject to a 20% restocking fee.

No returns or refunds on consumable items, printer cartridges, services (including installation of purchased hardware), or items returned incomplete or without original packaging.

Original storage devices and storage of client data left behind after service ie hard drives, USB sticks etc, to protect client privacy original data devices, are be held for 7 days after which time device may be rendered unusable.  Client data saved to our servers is automatically deleted after 30 days.

Liquid cleaning services -

Water and liquid cleaning removes residue from system parts and circuit boards that cause shorts, errors and ground faults.  It does not "fix" existing damage.  Water and liquid cleaning is often successful in returning unit to operation BUT we can not guarantee 100% success.  Items that were water and liquid cleaned that does not function properly, we will re-clean it if brought into us, within 7 days. 

Due to the amount of time required to water and liquid clean an item we DO NOT refund charges on water cleaned items.

Abandoned items and items left with us after 45 days -

Any items left with us is excess of 45 days may be disposed of at our discretion. It is the customers responsibility to verify that we have the correct contact information on file which also appears printed on this sheet.

None payment of account - Accounts after 30 days due may experience a disruption and/or cancellation of service(s) until account is settled in full. 

Written without prejudice.
Policies are subject to change at any time, without notice and for any reason as determined by Management.

Revised November 19 2018.