Warranty on Hardware and Software Services

At RescueTECH Regina, we are in the business of rescuing you from your technology problems.  This means that if you have a computer problem, we really do want to get to the bottom of the issue.  If we didn't figure it out 100% the first time, we will gladly look at it again at no charge.  We also have a warranty policy on our repairs.

Six months on hardware, what does this mean?  Well if we replaced a hard drive, or a screen on your device we back our parts.  If the parts used in the repair failed due to manufacture defect we will replace them again at no charge.  Note - this does not cover damage caused after the repair, or unrelated to the repair, like dropping or otherwise causing damage to the device. 

Seven days on service,  what does this mean?  Many time problems do not require hardware replacement.  Let's say a computer was not updating, or had a virus.  This may require us to repair or reinstall the software on the device.  In these cases we cover the work for seven days.  Why only seven day?  Well in our experience any issues related to software that we could not fix properly the first time will become known to us or the user within this period.

Why didn't you fix it right the first time? 

Good point, when we fix a computer or device we test the repair to ensure what we did solves the problem as determined and reported by the customer.  However if the customer re-infected their computer again, within the week period, we will still clean out the device again at no charge. In other cases the issues may not have been replicable in our office, or they may come back because it is manufacturer related ie, bad Windows or Apple updates.

At RescueTECH we want you to be satisfied with our service. Should you have any questions with regards to any of our policies, including our warranty policy please contact us by phone at (306) 205-7522 or DM us online. 


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