Buying a used computer?

Used computers ReginaLooking for a "new to you" computer?  Buying used is a great way to  save money on a replacement computer, and it is better for the environment. Fun fact,  over 80% of a computer's energy consumption goes into its manufacture. 

Also keep in mind that a business grade Lenovo Thinkpad that sold for $1500.00 three years ago, may sell for $500.00 used today, and is atill a better value than a new consumer grade laptop selling for $400.00 - $500.00.

So buying used can be a great option when looking for quality computer, on a budget. 

A few things first to look out for when buying used.  

  1. Will it suit your purposes?  Now if you are looking for a gaming computer, chances are a used system might not be for you.  Newer video games have higher system requirements than your typical Microsoft Office software would require.  Same with large file editing, or rendering.  For most people who are looking at using the computer for school, homeor business use ei, word processing and websurfing used computers can be a great way to go.
  2. What is the computer's physical condition.  If it is dirty, the case is full of dust or it looks like it has been dropped (as with a laptop) be wary of the unit. Excessive dust and grim can cause over heating in desktop computers, and physical damage can lead to hard drive failure in laptop computers.
  3. Turn it on befor you buy it and check out a couple Youtube videos.  This does two things first it verifies that it turns on (yes we have hear of people buying computers without even tunring them on) and secondly it will show you how it handles video processing, and what its sound quality is (with a laptop).  Youtube videos can also be a little resource intensive.  By doing this it makes the computer work a bit and will tell you how it handes the work load.
  4. While on what does it sound like?  Excessive fan noise can indicate a heating/cooling issue.  A ticking sound can indicate a failing hard drive.
  5. How much RAM memory is installed.  Go into "system" specificatoins and look for its "memory" and "CPU" information.  Verify that the computer has what the seller cleaims it has under the hood.  To handle today's operating systems you want a computer with atleast 8 gigs of RAM memory and a quad core CPU capable of running a 64bit operating system.  We prefer to look for systems in the i5 - i7+ range, or AMD equal.   Intel i3 , Pentium, or Dual Core CPU's are pretty much useless these days (even though technically they still run Windows 10).
  6. What type of conditions does the seller offer?  Do they offer a warranty of any kind?  With computers problems sometimes show up under it has been running after a few hours, or even a couple days.  If buying from a private seller or business, ask if they have a warranty.  At RescueTECH we give a 180 day warranty on all hardware sales.