Virus and Malware Cleanup and Removal 

Our Regina computer repair services we provide reliable and speedy resolutions to common and complex computer problems and IT support issues. We provide our computer services via remote support, email support, on-site and on-location. Our on-location and on-site support is done through our Regina based computer repair technicians.

RescueTECH Regina techs love Regina but we hate computer viruses, malware, OS errors and apple MacBook issues. We are always up to date in windows and apple vulnerabilities and repairs to ensure that your laptop computers and MacBooks work properly, and that the correct and cost-effective solution is applied. We support apple MacBook  repairs and other brands like Dell, Toshiba, Asus, sony, Samsung, HP, MSI, Lenovo, MacBook, Fujitsu.

We know that you use your computer for everyday tasks, and for critical business processes, and that any period of time where you computer are down can be of great inconvenience. That is why we are determined to repair your computers so that you can spend more time doing these things. Our Regina based computer repair technicians look forward to assisting you with all your computer needs.

Call + 306 205 7522 or facebook chat with us for assistance.