One thing that we love about Windows 10

Sometimes you just have to give a shoot for something that is just GREAT! Windows 10! 

Yes I know but I have to say, I like it. From a "computer guy and gal" perspective the cross hardware compaitbility angle is fantastic. We work on a lot of business computers.

When these computers fail the business has to get up and running ASAP.  Back in the day if you used Windows XP or 7 (yes even some Linux distros would cough up a lung), you could not pull a drive from one machine and stick it into another and expect it to load with no issue - unless the hardware was pretty much exact.  Not the case with Windows 10. 

You can even take a Windows 10 drive and pop it into a Mac (Intel based) and it will load.

Today we took a drive from an old slow machine, cloned it onto to a new solid state drive and popped it into a mini computer and it works like a charm.

Very little customer down time, almost no configuration and all of the customer's proprietary business software worked 100%.

Gotta say, we like that!

Originally published on our Facebook page September 3rd 2021