Buying a used iPhone or iPad 

In our iPhone and iPad repair business we have seen more than our fair share of unhappy people, crushed because that "new" iPhone they bought from a buddy, or online through Regina's Facebook marketplace, turned out to be a dud.  Or worse, it was activiation locked because it was reported stolen. 

Whenever buying a used mobile device you need to check it over.  You wouldn't buy a used car without giving it a test drive right?  Well same thing goes with an iPhone or iPad. 

A few things to remember, and look out for:

  1. If the deal looks to good to be true, chances are it is.   If that "almost" new iPhone is selling for a third of its market retail price,  chances are there is a problem with it.  At best it may be damaged, but most likely it was stolen or lost, then found, and the seller wants to flip ASAP.
  2. Check for an Apple Activation lock!  Activation lock essentially "bricks" the iPhone making it unusable, even if it is data wiped.  Once locked there are only two people who can open it 1) the person with the email address associated with the account and 2) Apple themselves.  Checking for a lock can be done in two ways.  First is with the phone.  If you are buying the phone, making sure it is powered on, you then access its "settings" feature.  From settings tap on "iCloud", then tap on "Find my iPhone" and make sure it is off.  Another way is through the phones serial number. Apple has a link to some great advice here on what to do when buying a used iPhone >>> HERE.
  3. Check its brightness settings while looking at a white back ground.  This will show you if the screen has any marks or blemishes.  
  4. Conduct the sale in a public place, and do not send cash via E-transfer unless you have the phone in hand.  There are many stories of people who were robbed while meeting someone to buy an iPhone or iPad.

If you have any questions about buying, or repairing an iPhones or iPad feel free to give us call.