Data Recovery Regina

We recover data from failing and deleted drivesData Recovery Regina

Almost all of our personal contact information, music, term papers and work documents, videos and photo memories are saved to our phones and computers.  When these devices fail the loss of data can be devastating. 

At RescueTECH we have recovered data from hundreds of various file types on both PC, Android, Mac and IOS systems (FAT, NTFS, ext2/ext3/ext4).

Typical storage types include flash memory ie, USB sticks and camera cards, internal and external hard drives and both Android and Apple phones.

If your hard drive is making clicking, loud humming or grinding noise your hard drive might be failing, turn if off, give us a call. Continued use will cause further damage making the drive unusable and data recovery more difficult, and costly.

It is very important to recover your drive and migrate your data to a stable storage device as soon as possible.

Signs that your computer hard drive might be failing, or has failed:

  • Computer makes a clicking or loud humming sound.
  • System "cycles" and will not boot after a system repair.
  • Blue screen errors after starting.
  • I/O error on screen on start up.
  • No hard drive found errors on start up.

Text and iMessage to PDF for legal purposes also avaialble. 

Password bypass and recovery

We have a wide range of tools available that will enable us to access common password protected software.  These include:

  • Sage,
  • Word,
  • Outlook Express,
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • Quickbooks and more.

For data recovery and system backup information call + 306 205 7522 in Regina today!