Common computer repair issue - Folder not found 

Apple file folder not found errorWaking up in the morning and opening your computer to the dreaded "Apple file folder not found" error. An unpleasent and unexpected surprise to see.  

Why are you seeing this error?  What caused it, and can it be fixed?

Why are you seeing this?

Mac OS can not read the system start up files.  This could mean that 1) you have a software problem, 2) a hardware problem or 3) a combination of the two. 

What caused it, and can it be fixed?

In our Apple (Mac) repair business we see this often and there are three main reasons this occurs. 

Reason one

A failed software or Mac OS operating system update.  When updating your Mac laptop or desktop computer we are prompted to "make sure the system is plugged in" and "don't not power down" while updating.  Interupting a computer while it is updating it Apple software by restarting, or unplugging it can create corruption in the computer's system files.  Another way it can be interupted is when you try to update its operating system, but you have less than 35gigs of free stroage.  Mac OS operating system updates (from one version to another) require approximately 35gigs of free space to run.  If you are a MacAir user and you see this while trying to update, there is a good chance it is because you did not have another free storage.