The 3 simple rules to data backup

Greetings from Robert and the techs at RescueTECH Regina.

In our computer repair and support business something we see on a regular basis are customer data loss situations.  Computers, phones, and iPads are electronic devices that store many of our important files and memories and these fail, get lost or stolen.

We want to take a minute to talk about protecting your personal and business data. 

Whether it is on a computer, phone, or iPad now is a good time to check and review how your data is backed up.

As you know most of our information today is stored digitally.  Unfortunately this information is at risk of being lost or made inaccessible due to device failure, device theft or unauthorized access. 

When deciding on a backup strategy remember the 3-2-1s of data backup. 

3 - Try to keep at least three copies of your data. This includes the original copy on the device (computer, phone or tablet) and two backup copies.

2 - Keep the backed-up data on two separate storage devices. If you backup to an external flash drive make sure you use a secondary device, like network file server or external backup drive, as a secondary.

1 - If possible keep at least one copy of your backed-up data offsite. This could be on a USB device, one that you take with you after work or school, or an online cloud storage solution, such as ICloud, Google, One Drive etc..

At RescueTECH we provide, setup and maintain data backup solutions.

If you have any questions or require assistance with regards to data backups, or anything else related to your devices, do not hesitate to contact us at (306) 205-7522.

We love talking techie.

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Originally sent via email to our customers January 15th 2019.