Windows blue screen errors

Windows startup problems Blue screen errors on your Windows computer can be very frustrating.  The good thing about them is they can provide you with useful information on how to repair your computer.  The error we want to touch on is the "start-up error" that occurs when starting your Windows based laptop or desktop computer.

The Windows start up error shows when your computer has a problem reading the system's start up, or boot files.  The computer can still "see" the drive but for whatever reason the files it is trying to use cannot be fully accessed. 

We see this often in our computer repair business.  The issues appears software related.  Many people tend to believe it is "virus" or malware related. More often than not it isn't

In earlier versions of Windows this error could be repaired using chkdsk, or repairing the system's boot files. However in newer versions of Windows, after all user software attempts to fix fail, it is hardware (hard drive) related problem.

Luckily the computer still sees Windows on the computer.  This means, that even if the drive is failing, there is a good chance the data is still there.  With data recovery software we can often get the data from the failing drive.

Note there is no way to fix a failing hard drive, the only thing you can do is replace it and install a fresh version of Windows on your laptop or desktop computer.