Microsoft and Apple will not contact you by phone, email or a website if you have a virus.

We posted this last year, and people are still falling for online support scams.

How the scam works is someone claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple initiates contact via phone, email, text message or a website popup. They then proceed to tell you that something is wrong with your computer, and that they require access to check it out.

Once in they can lock you out of your computer, steal your personal information, gain your credit card number and try to access your bank account information.

Technical Support scammers can be very convincing. Whatever they tell you it is important to never give anyone remote access to your computer unless you are 100% certain of who they are.

If you think you have been contacted by a Technical Support scammer, or have fallen for their tricks, feel free to contact us. We can tell you what steps to take to protect yourself going forward.

Remember - Microsoft and Apple will never cold call to provide computer support, or to check out your computer.

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Microsoft and apple support scams

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